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Rich, natural and strong: Find wood floors that will last for generations.

The impact is instant. Hardwood floors are a timeless, versatile flooring choice that can instantly enhance the look and the value of your home. Today's wood floor offerings are milled and finished using techniques that result in lower required maintenance than in years past. Get the character you want for your home in flooring that is designed to look great for decades to come.


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It's Natural

No matter the current style of your home, there is a hardwood floor to compliment. As you browse the selection of hardwood floors at Pacific Floor Co., consider the natural graining, knots, imperfections and finishes of each. These characteristics can dramatically affect the floor's style impact on your room.

Complete you home project with versatile hardwood options.

Versatile by Nature

One of the most impressive features of hardwood flooring is its versatility. From the deep walnuts to the pale pines, the hard wood floors at Pacific Floor Co. are certain to enhance your home’s interior styles. Hardwood can been laid throughout your home for a rich or rustic design, or sparingly in popular living spaces.

Hardwood durability is certain and we have it at our Murrieta store front.

Durability is No Question

Today’s hardwood floors are more durable and resistant than ever before. Thanks to technological advances, including Shaw’s ScuffResist®Platinum, hardwood floors resist scratches and stains to stay newer longer. Hardwood floors from Pacific Floor Co. can stand up to whatever your life brings.

Hardwood offers design and character certain to fit your project's needs.

Design & Character for all

With the vast array of options available, you’re going to want to narrow down the wood floors right for you. An expert at Pacific Floor Co. will help match you with the floors that have the look, characteristics and durability you want and need.

Just a few of our Hardwood Flooring Brands...

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Solid vs. Engineered:
Select the design that works for you.

Enjoy the beauty, versatility and durability of hardwood flooring. Pacific Floor Co.’s collection of hardwood floors include solid and engineered planks, as well as smooth and textured finishes. While engineered and solid hardwoods are both beautiful choices for your home, your selection should be based upon your life, style and budget. Pacific Floor Co. is here to help you select the variation best for you. Visit our showroom for personalized assistance today.

Solid or Engineered hardwood flooring, which one is best for you?

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

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Solid Hardwood

Solid is certainly the traditional choice when it comes to hardwoods. These planks are typically ¾-inch thick and can be finished in a factory or on-site. Humidity will affect solid hardwoods more than engineered (solid planks will swell and shrink depending), but solid remains popular in part due to its ability to be sanded and refinished multiple times.

Best For:

Solid floors are best for situations in which homeowners want a traditional look, desire the option to refinish flooring and have rooms that will experience minimal humidity. Those who want that “true square edge” would also want to consider solid hardwood flooring.

Install On:

Solid hardwood floors must be installed above grade, over approved wood subfloors. Pacific Floor Co. can install your solid hardwood floors, complete with the lifetime installation guarantee.

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Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood floors have gained popularity in recent years thanks to the enhanced durability of the planks. It is important to note that engineered flooring is still 100% real wood, but made by binding the particles, strands, fibers or veneers of the wood in order to create stronger composite materials. Planks range in widths from 3 - 7' wide and 3/8 - 3/4" thick.

Best For:

Engineered hardwood could be the right solution if you are looking to install wood floors on various level of the home, need floors that can stand up to temperature/humidity variations, and would like a more durable finish. Engineered hardwood is a good idea for homes with pets.

Install On:

Engineered hardwood floors can be used on any level over a variety of subfloor types. Installation services from Pacific Floor Co. are also available for engineered hardwoods. Lifetime installation guarantee included.

Narrow down the search for your new hardwoods by searching by class.

The stunning collection of hardwood floors available at Pacific Floor Co. range from refined to rustic. Depending on the style of your home, you will find wood planks in a range of widths and shades that have been finished in a variety ways including wire brushed, hand scraped, smooth and more.

To simplify your search, Pacific Floor Co. breaks hardwood floors into four categories: Refined, Traditional, Vintage and Character.

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Get The Best Hardwood Class For Your
Particular Project

The highest grade of hardwood flooring is the refinded class.

Refined Class

Refined wood flooring is the most uniform in color and grain, with little to no blemishes or knots. This is the highest grade in hardwood flooring. Long planks are another style characteristic of many refined wood floors.

Traditional class hardwood flooring offers a more natural look.

Traditional Class

Traditional hardwood floors will range in tones, and feature minimal knots and mineral marks. These traditional style wood plans do feature more natural characteristics and can transition between classic and rustic styles.

Get more natural variation with vintage class hardwood flooring.

Vintage Class

When selecting vintage class hardwood floors, expect to see more natural variation within each board and between boards. The planks will feature more markings and textures including larger knots and more mineral marks.

Traditional class hardwood flooring offers a more natural look.

Character Class

Character class hardwood plans boast the highest level of variation. These boards will feature distinct knots, visible knots, mineral markings and color contrast. Character class wood floors tend to be the most rustic looking floors.

What to consider when refinishing your hardwood flooring.

One of the advantages to a solid wood floor is the ability to refinish it multiple times. While this seems like a huge advantage, let’s take a look at it. First, have you ever, or know someone who’s ever refinished a hardwood floor? It’s not as common as many people think. However, for those of you who have gone through the long, life-halting process of sanding and refinishing a hardwood floor, I would venture to guess you didn’t do it twice… to the same floor!

 What do you consider when refinishing your hardwood floors.

So What About Refinishing Your Hardwood?

Most engineered floors can handle being sanded and refinished at least once, some two or three times! That’s 25-30 years with the same floor! Today’s homeowner rarely stays in the same house much less keep the same floor for thirty years, so multiple sandings really is no great advantage. Second, add the fact that engineered floors typically boast 6-10 coats of urethane along with aluminum oxide. Try asking a hardwood refinisher to apply 10 coats of finish… and what that would cost! Finally, most hardwood sold today has a distressed or handscraped finish which helps disguise the inevitable nicks and scratches that occur in all hardwood floors. By sanding it down to refinish, all of that distressing is removed and you now have a smooth floor that has no ability to hide the new scratches, which will come sooner since the factory-applied, scratch-resistant aluminum oxide has also been removed.

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