Laminate is a durable and versatile flooring option. Learn more about laminate with our laminate education center and see if it is the right fit for your home.

Perfect for any room: Durable, versatile and stylish.

Today’s laminate flooring puts the style in lifestyle. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but there are countless looks and textures to choose from. Whether you prefer the appearance of wood, slate or tile, laminate makes any room pop at an affordable price.


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So Why Laminate?

Laminate continues to grow in popularity as an affordable, beautiful choice for any room in the home. Laminate flooring also allows for unmatched versatility. With laminate floors, you can essentially bring wood flooring into your bathroom and stone into your showers for a fraction of the cost of real hardwood and stones. The benefits of laminate move far beyond their versatility, and are incredibly easy to care for. For homeowners who don’t want to worry about difficult installations or the upkeep of natural stone and real hardwoods, laminate is the smart and easy choice. If you are considering hardwood flooring, take a peek at our beautiful laminate flooring in our Temecula showroom.

Get the hardwood look and feel with laminate flooring.

Hardwood Look & Feel

For homeowners who love the look and feel of hardwood, but want a more durable or affordable option, look no further than laminate. New technology has helped manufacturers emulate real wood better than ever before.

Laminate is affordable and very durable. See it at our Murrieta store front.

It's Very Durable

The durability of laminate flooring is unmatched. Protectants including ScratchGuard™ help laminate floors resist scratches and stay new. You will love your new, more resilient laminate floors from Pacific Floor Co.

More affordable than stone, yet with the same look. Laminate flooring in Temecula.

Tile or Stone Look

In addition to wood-look laminate floors, there are also stunning tile and stone-look laminate floors options at Pacific Floor Co. The stone and tile floors are durable, low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Just a few of our Laminate Flooring Brands...

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Durability and maintenance are just two of the many characteristics on the long list of laminate benefits. Add to that the nearly endless variety of styles and colors, and you have a nearly ideal flooring solution. For DIYers, laminate is an ever-popular choice thanks to the quick and simple installation process. Pacific Flooring Co. carries a vast array of laminate flooring options. Visit the Temecula showroom today.

Choose from smooth or textured laminate flooring at our Murrieta store front.

Smooth or Textured?

Those looking for an easy-to-maintain surface that will look great for years to come often turn to laminate flooring. Strong engineered exteriors are resistant to stains and moisture, making them perfect for high-traffic areas in the home including the kitchen and rooms with varying temperatures like basements. Homeowners have and continue fall in love with the price and ease of owning laminate floors.

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For a more elegant, understated look in your home, consider smooth finish laminate floors. Options include gloss, oil rubbed, and embossed. These finishes are great for those who love the traditional and classic wood look.

Get textured laminate, hardwood look in Murrieta at Pacific Floor Co.


Laminate flooring is also available with textures like deep graining and hand scraping. These techniques, as well as saw marks and other imperfections, add to the realistic wood characteristics of your laminate flooring.

When durability matters.

Pacific Floor Co. carries quality flooring from top name producers like Shaw, Linco, Scottsdale and many others. These producers, and their advanced technologies have created products that are highly scratch-, moisture-, dent- and scuff-resistant. For DIY homeowners, many laminate floors feature a glue-less locking system. It’s never been faster or easier to install your own flooring. Visit the Temecula Pacific Floor Co. showroom to browse the full collection of stylish laminate flooring.

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Perfect for Rental & Commercial Properties

Laminate floors are quickly becoming a popular option for commercial and rental properties thanks to the material's extreme durability. Landlords who were once concerned with expensive wear and tear of their rental's flooring now have a fantastic selection of affordable and durable, yet attractive laminate options at Pacific Floor Co. New technologies have made laminates more scratch-, scuff-, dent- and moisture-resistant. Commercial property managers love that laminate floors can stand up to high-traffic situations and are easy to maintain. At Pacific Floor Co., we proudly display many different laminates by incorporating them into our actual showroom floor. Come stop by and browse all of our flooring options from carpet to laminate flooring in Temecula, and surrounding areas, and give your home, rental or commercial property a fresh updated look that will last a lifetime.

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