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There’s nothing like the look of a beautiful stone floor, which is sure to enhance the look of your living spaces. We stock some of the most popular stone flooring styles including granite, marble, travertine. slate and others. Our flooring experts are available to match you with the right stone within your renovation budget.

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Most often used as countertops, granite is also a great choice for floors because it combines tremendous durability along with bold colors and textures. Few natural stones are able to offer this kind of quality and practicality.

We have marble tile and stone too, get it here in Murrieta and Temecula.


Softer than granite, marble is still the king of the hill when it comes to its many applications. Many forms of marble have contrasting vein and base colors that make this stone synonymous with classical design and affluence.

Complete your flooring project with travertine stone or tile from Pacific Floor Co.


This version of metamorphic marble is created in natural springs, where streams of high pressure water create holes in the stone giving travertine its beautiful watercolor effect and characteristics. From light ivory creams to stormy grays to leathery walnuts, travertine is one of the most dramatic floors you can have and still stay on a smart budget.

Bring your floors to life with slate tile or stone flooring.


A good durable natural stone, slate is also extremely versatile. You can find almost any color or texturing from slate. Many outdoor installations find slate to be the perfect solution with its natural “clefting”, it provides good stability even when wet. Here at Pacific Floor Co. we have slate on our floor as well as our counter walls in its stacked slate format, the ideal fireplace finish.

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Stone flooring offers a variety of styles and looks. Browse through the stone collections we foster at our Murrieta showroom. We’ll help you select an option that is easy on your checkbook and sure to fit your specific application and design ideas.

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Granite Collection

Harder and less porous than many other stones, granite is loved for its enhanced durability and resistance to stains and moisture. This beautiful natural stone is also biodegradable and ideal for the environmentally-minded homeowners.

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Marble Collection

Marble floors are a beautiful option for homeowners who love the classic design. The whirling patterns and stunning colors of real marble are unmatched by any other flooring choice. Marble stone is not as hard as stones like granite.

 We have travertine flooring both natural stone and tile here in Murrieta.

Travertine Collection

Your travertine floors can add an understated appeal to any room. Travertine flooring is durable, yet affordable. Travertine stone tiles can be used for flooring, backsplashes, showers and more.

 Natural stone for outdoor projects, find slate at our Murrieta storefront.

Slate Collection

When installed properly, slate has long been hailed for its longevity and is a stunning option for your new floors. Add sleek slate floors to your home for a unique and bold design.

Learn more about stone and tile flooring; check out our pointers in choosing the right product for your project.

Trying to choose between granite and slate? Can’t pick the marble floor for you? Stay on trend and get our top tips for selecting the right stone look for your home.

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