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Temecula & Murrieta Hardwood Flooring

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There’s something about hardwood floors that enhance the look and feel of any home. Hardwood flooring has the ability to be elegant and rustic all at once. By many accounts, there is no better way to add value to and change the look of a home than with hardwood. Our collection of hardwood flooring includes solid and engineered planks, a the range of finishes from smooth and textured. Pacific Floor Co. is ready to assist you in selecting the best Hardwood Floors for your home and family. You’ll love how your house looks with new hardwood floors.

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Hardwood flooring, Oak wood floors in Murrieta and Temecula - Pacific Floor Co.


A popular choice, oak features moderate to heavy graining with moderate color variation.

Maple wood floors, hardwood flooring Murrieta and Temecula - Pacific Floor Co.


Known for being a very hard wood, maple is naturally light and creamy in color with fine graining.

Hickory hardwood flooring in Murrieta and Temecula - Pacific Floor Co.


Hickory wood floors are very hard, and feature unique graining and color from board to board.

Murrieta and Temecula hardwood, Walnut wood floors - Pacific Floor Co.


Walnut is a medium hard wood that ranges from light tan to medium brown.

American Cherry wood flooring Murrieta - Pacific Floor Co.

American Cherry

Cherry is softer hardwood floor, but popular for its natural grain variations and color. Great for wide planks.

Birch wood flooring in Murrieta and Temecula | Pacific Floor Co.


Birch is a relatively hard wood that comes in two varieties, red and yellow. Birch graining tends to be uniform.

Kupay wood floorig in Murrieta | Pacific Floor Co.


Kupay hard wood flooring is a durable South American hickory that will bring a richness to any room.

 Murrieta and Temecula Pine wood flooring - Pacific Floor Co.


Pine is a soft wood with beautiful natural graining and knots. Perfect for those seeking for a country look.

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The possibilities seem almost endless… at Pacific Floor Co., we have an extensive selection of hardwood types in an array of finishes and textures. Where smooth walnut can add a rich elegance to any room, wire-brushed kupay can be a unique addition to your home’s decor. As you search for the perfect hardwood floors for your home, remember our flooring experts are always available to help you along the way.

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Dark wood, residential flooring in Murrieta - Pacific Floor Co.

Dark Wood Flooring

You’ll love the sleek look and versatility of dark hardwood floors.

Murrieta wood flooring, medium color - Pacific Floor Co.

Medium Wood Flooring

Medium wood floors will compliment any home and every style.

Light color, hardwood flooring in Murrieta - Pacific Floor Co.

Light Wood Flooring

Brighten your entire home with beautiful light hardwood floors.

Smooth hardwood flooring in Murretia - Pacific Floor Co.

Smooth Look

Enjoy the clean lines and shine of smooth hardwood floors. A popular finish on dark wood.

Textured hardwood flooring in Temecula - Pacific Floor Co.

Textured Look

From hand-scraped to distressed, textured hardwood adds interest to every room.

Wire brushed look hardwood flooring - Pacific Floor Co.

Wire Brushed Look

Wire-brushed hardwoods feature linear markings to accentuate grain patterns.

Heavy scraped look hardwood flooring - Pacific Floor co.

Heavy Scraped Look

Heavily hand-scraped hardwoods add a lived-in appeal while concealing imperfections.

Light scraped look hardwood flooring - Pacific Floor Co.

Light Scrape Look

Light hand-scraped wood floors, with subtle “waves,” can add warmth and conceal dents.

Distressed look hardwood flooring - Pacific Floor Co.

Distressed Look

Distressed hardwoods are typically antiqued with dents, burn marks or blackened edges.

Our flooring experts will walk you through the entire hardwood installation process.

Now that you’ve selected your new hardwood floors, our installation specialists are able to take care of the rest. We visit your home to understand the scope of work and get accurate floor measurements. Proper room measurement reduces wasted materials and saves you money. Our team also understands the intricacies involved with installing hardwood floors including proper handling, effective installation methods and more.

 Let our wood floor specialists help you with installation.

It can be difficult to determine the wood flooring you need
and what the best way to install it. Let us help.

Floating wood floor - Pacific Floor Co.

Floating Installation

Float installation is a popular, simple method in which hardwood is not adhered, nailed or glued, to the subfloor. Great for cases where the existing floor is difficult to remove.

Wood flooring installation with glue - Pacific Floor Co.

Glue Installation

Glue installation is a solid choice for creating a very strong bond with a built in vapor barrier. Glued hardwood installation reduces, but does not fully eliminate, board movement.

Wood floor installation, nail application - Pacific Floor Co.

Nail Installation

A great option for solid hardwood floors, nail installation will create a strong, long-lasting floor bond. Air compressor nail guns are used to expedite the installation process and reduce errors.

Upper level, wood floor installation - Pacific Floor Co.

Upper Level Installation

Pacific Floor Co. experts can help you lay beautiful hardwood flooring anywhere in your home including stairways and second stories. Ask our specialists the best ways to reduce noise between floors.

Lower level, hardwood flooring installation - Pacific Floor Co.

Lower Level Installation

In your high-traffic areas, like hallways and kitchens, it’s important to have a hardwood floor that will last for years to come. Pacific Floor Co. can show you the most durable hardwood options.

Hardwood flooring, ground level installation - Pacific Floor Co.

Ground Level Installation

With proper installation and moisture barriers, your hardwood floor can last for decades. Find out how to protect and extend the life of your new ground level flooring.

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As you embark on your next renovation project, remember that we are here to help you. No project is too large or too small for our experienced team. We’re ready with the hottest interior design trends, best flooring choices for your lifestyle, and tips for hardwood installation and care. Begin by perusing our top tips online, then head into our Murrieta flooring showroom to get the personalized attention you need.


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